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A Team Of Architectural Specialists & Real Estate Agents

What makes Master Floor Plan Design different from any other team in the world? Our team is made of of individuals with expertise in the areas of architecture and real estate. Our combined knowledge of these fields makes us able to give sellers the tools they need to sell… fast.

Master Floor Plan Design is a worldwide company. We serve people primarily in North and South America.


Master Floor Plan Design: Our Team

Adriana Andrews – Interactive Floor Plan Designer

Architectural specialist - Master Floor Plan Design With her background in Architecture and architectural design brings a unique style to our designs and  real estate solutions. She has a background in architecture, computer aided design, construction and marketing. She graduated at The Pontificia Bolivariana University, Medellín-Colombia. Adriana is committed to creating strong floor plans for her customers.

Kevin Andrews – Residential Real Estate Specialist

Real Estate Sales Pro Master Floor Plan Design

Licensed since 1981, Kevin has served the public with their real estate needs as a real estate broker and general contractor in the construction industry. As an agent, Kevin specializes in the residential market that covers the city of Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Kevin has strong communication skills, knowledge and leadership to its customers, along with the exceptional ability in negotiating financial contracts. He is committed to professionalism and dedication to providing the best service in the process of buying / selling your home.


Master Floor Plan Design Vision & Values

Master Floor Plan Design Interactive Floor Plan ImageMaster Floor Plan Design’s concept is to emphasize architectural floor plans of properties listed for sale through online interactive floor plans. The online tour combines floor plans and photographs to become an interactive experience with each level of your listing included in the tour.
Our photos will show visitors the different points of view, and the floor plans are complete with room dimensions and labels. Featured in the floor plans are doors, windows, appliances, fixtures, staircases and any details represented in a 2-dimensional view. Exterior improvements such as decks and patios are also included.

Our professional marketing group visits the property and take measurements, photos, sketches and layout of the home and recreate the floor plans with fast, reliable costumer service. We also offer at a discounted price the generation of a floor plan from the clients sketch or existing blue print sending by a-mail.

Our goal is to provide our clients a quality online marketing service at a reasonable cost. Our desire is to help display aesthetically attractive properties available on the market.

Master Builders Designs Vision:

  • Marketing the property in a unique way online, promoting buyers to view your property for a longer period of time.
  • Displaying the property with more than just photos and/or video… promoting the home with a good floor plan, increasing the the exposure of the home.
  • Helping our clients to have a better chance at closing the sale by offering our Architectural interactive floor plans.

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