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Interactive Floor Plan Facts


Buyers want more information about listings.

Interactive Floor Plans - What do buyers want It’s no secret 80-90% of all home purchases start by gathering information online.  The question is, what are they searching for?

 Long descriptions of properties?  No.  Most people that search the web do not read.  They want scan-able text, graphics, pictures, and bullet points.  Quick delivery.

 Pictures?  Yes!  Problem: pictures are tough to put into context if they stand alone on a listing page.  What am I looking at?  Oh, do you think this is the master bedroom?  Not questions you want to frustrate potential buyers with.

 Floor plans?  Of course!  But, a black and white line drawing lacks the pizzazz that sells homes.  Also, it’s tough to envision what the space looks like.

 Buyers want information!  With the onslaught of property sites and the competitive nature of the real estate industry, someone will fill this information request.  Why not you?


Give buyers what they want.

Interactive Floor Plans - Give Buyers What They WantOur suggestion: marry floor plans drawn to scale by a professional architect coupled with photos that illustrate the character of the space.


Information helps buyers qualify themselves

Inquiries for properties are more targeted

 You can build more interest in properties prior to showing them to buyers

Additional Benefit:

 Show value to sellers and create a competitive advantage over rival listing agents


Interactive floor plans give buyers what they crave

An interactive floor plan is a presentation that includes plans of each level of your listing. This plan is complete with photographs that appear from different points of view to give your potential buyers a clear picture of the the feel of your property. Each room is labeled with the name and their respective dimensions. In each floor plan will be doors, windows, fixed appliances, fixtures, stairs and all details represented in a two dimensional plane. Exterior improvements such as decks and patios will also be included.
Master Floor Plan Design will draw floor plans to scale,  showing the relationship between areas of the property and other physical characteristics. You can send an current blue print of your property or our team can visit and take notes in order to prepare your custom building plan.
Give potential buyers an idea idea of what the property actually feels like with one of our photo slideshows.  The photos of your property will be arranged through a virtual tour video.  Our professional photos will help buyers get an idea of what the space really looks like, and providing them with visuals will add to your credibility.



Master Floor Plan Design: Services that help you sell your listings faster.

Interactive Floor Plans - Why Master Floor Plan DesignOur background at Master Floor Plan Design covers two industries: real estate sales and professional architecture.  We know the thrill of selling homes fast and we have the expertise to support that mission.  We want your properties to sell faster. The interactive floor plans, custom building plans and photo slideshows we produce for you are designed with that very important goal in mind. We want to help you take your property listings to the next level. We know more traffic equals quicker sales and we know that more information provided up front while the prospects starts their search results in a more qualified inquiry.

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